Can you get meter level position from your phone using GNSS?

Navigation is one of the main features of your smartphone. Using GNSS (satellites), smartphones can get 5-15m accuracy in an open environment.

Things are changing, though.

This talk, hosted by Lukasz K Bonenberg from the University of Nottingham, will discuss how to use Android API and "raw measurements", available since 2016, to obtain meter level position in an open environment. All you need is a mobile phone with Broadcom dual frequency chipset (BCM47755).

We will also talk about people who are already doing it. The European GNSS Agency's FLAMINGO project is developing the infrastructure, solutions and services to enable the use of this accurate and precise GNSS positioning. We will host their developers that will discuss how you can access their commercial API and about their target sectors, that include mapping and GIS, autonomous vehicles, AR environments, improved mobile-location based gaming and people tracking.

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